Sampling Devices

Sampling Devices

We provide the food industry with high quality environmental sampling tools to make microbiology testing easier and more reliable.
With our devices, get quality results with easy-to-use tools and find the best fit for your application.

Complete Solution for Sample Collection and Analysis

  • EZ ReachTM Sponge Sampler: sample collection from areas up to 2ft2 with easy twist-off handle
  • PUR-BlueTM Swab Sampler: is designed to help vigorously scrub a surface to distrupt and lift biofilm to optimize collection of microorganisms
  • VeriSwabTM Sampler: ideal for collecting samples from small areas with limited access such as cracks, crevices and areas with small openings

EZ ReachTM, PUR-BlueTM, Veriswab™, and HiCap™, are all Trademarks for World Bioproducts

Key Benefits of the Environmental Sampling Devices

  • Easy to use and handle
  • No harsh chemical used; non-toxic and biocid-free materials
  • Easy storage – room temperature
  • Superior microorganisms recovery – up to 72 hours
  • Consistent performance within the batch and across batches
  • Long shelf-life – 2 years from manufacturing date